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RAPT Touch Launches SOLAS™ Gen2 'Anytouch' Platform, Ushering in a New Era for Interactive Displays

SOLAS™ Delivers Key Enabling Touchscreen Technology For Companies Bringing Next-Generation Collaborative Business Applications Into the Enterprise

ORLANDO, Fla.June 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- RAPT Touch, a leading provider of touchscreen technology for the fast-growing interactive collaboration market, announced today its SOLAS™ Gen2 Anytouch Platform.  The SOLAS™ Gen2 Platform, announced at InfoComm17 in Orlando, Florida, uniquely enables large displays with an entirely new set of features, leading to advanced applications which finally convert old 'one-way' LCD panels into fully interactive team work sessions supported by the cloud.

"At RAPT we see a seismic shift underway in the manner in which teams collaborate," said Cathal Phelan, RAPT CEO.  "Mobile and remote workers want to participate in meeting room sessions but can't because collaboration technology hasn't been available.  RAPT's SOLAS™ Technology brings large interactive screens online, finally supporting full collaboration with the broader team through the Cloud.  With SOLAS™ ideas are shared in an intuitive manner either with multiple simultaneous ultra responsive passive styli or through the full multi-touch experience we've all grown to love."


Historically touchscreens for 30" and larger LCD screens have delivered a disappointing experience for users, especially compared to the touchscreen experience they have enjoyed on smartphones and tablets. RAPT's SOLAS™ Platform delivers a more advanced experience than mobile products via a fully integrated technology. 

The SOLAS™ Platform's unique features include: 

  • The most natural passive stylus and passive eraser writing experience
  • Pressure sensitivity built in, turbo charging creativity applications
  • A beautiful edge to edge 'flush finish' design users have come to expect
  • Pixel to pixel precision on high resolution screens
  • Unmatched features to cost ratio of any multi-touch technology

"RAPT's passive stylus experience is at the heart of this transformation of the interactive display," added Phelan.  "For the user to see their writing directly below the stylus on a beautiful 4k 75" display, with pixel level resolution the experience feels as close to pen and paper as one could imagine.  Delivering the very best multi-touch experience with no raised bezel and never seen before features RAPT's technology is a key enabler for the fast growing interactive collaboration wave."

SOLAS™ provides Consumer Electronics Companies with the platform necessary to work seamlessly with RAPT Hardware Reference Designs.  With SOLAS™, RAPT's customers have the ability to fully customize and enhance the experience of RAPT enabled products. 

RAPT's SOLAS™ unique features:

  • 'Flush-finish' Designs
  • Extreme Low Latency
  • Up to 20 Simultaneous Fine-tip Passive 'Styli'
  • Passive Eraser
  • Pressure Recognition
  • 'Off-the-shelf' Components
  • No Special Film Layers in Product
  • Ease of Manufacturing
  • Low Cost Basis

Established in 2008 by Owen Drumm and Gerry Giblin, RAPT's patented FTIR multi-touch technology is the clear alternative to projected capacitive systems. RAPT's technology provides new breakthrough features at a cost which enables OEMs to sell competitively in mass volume. RAPT is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and led by a world-class team of industry veterans with expertise in launching products to be manufactured in the millions of units.  RAPT has offices in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Switzerland.